Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 5, 2011

WHO NEEDS AN ALARM CLOCK to wake you up when you have roosters, then dogs barking helping you to get up?

A small excursion at a local neighborhood gymnasium (25 pesos to get in) got me started and I was ready to go on with my day. JT is sitting doing some work in his street office. A special/specific place right there where he can get phone reception, like an area the size of 3 feet square. The Kids are enjoying themselves. Pastor Mario has some neighbors helping him straighten some avocado branches that are leaning about to crack. I have eaten avocados from this tree and they are delicious! They will not really be full grown until September.

Time to go to La Sirena to buy some provisions and get a battery put in my watch that had stopped to work.  Pastor Mario and I stopped by the Headquarter of the Church of God denomination to talk to the Rector about Marriage Conference.

Went to meet a lady from Pastor Mario’s church whose husband was electrocuted and died trying to help an elderly neighbor connect electricity in her house. He died and left 6 children age 18 to 6. She is struggling in life. NEEDS HELP!!!!!!

Back to Pastor Mario’s house to wait for a team of doctors who collaborate with us doing medical mission work so we can talk and plan about 2012 trips.

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