Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 7, 2011

Good morning Santo Domingo!!! My natural alarm clock woke me up, plus the electricity was out the whole night until 4 o’clock this morning. So I am ready to wake up but it is 4 am. What to I do? I guess I will read some.

A 1 hour workout  at 7am at the local gymnasium set me in a mood to get things going. After a light breakfast, we just hung out for a bit waiting for the driver of the van could get here to pick up  JT and Angie and family to go for a run into the city. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE.  JT’s favor place to go is a juice and sandwich place called BARAN PAYAN, then Mercado modelo to buy some souvenirs, El Conde and see Columbus House.

Pastor Mario and I left to travel to La Romana to meet with the church planters (3 churches) and their supervisors. A stop at Juan Dolio and Boca Chica would suffice. I was so tired and Hungry. Also sleepy. Remember I was up since 4am. This road trip added on another dimension to my fatigue. Reconnecting with our friends from La Romana was essential. Seeing some of the work our different short term teams have done in the past was gratifying. God allowed us the privilege and honor to raise funding to see a church/community center built in a poor community of La Romana in Los Mulos.

Back to Santo Domingo during rush hour traffic. You need to be in it to see it for yourself. It beats I-485 and I-77 North and South bound. It puts to shame South boulevard or Park Road or even Independence boulevard near Matthews coming from Uptown in Charlotte, NC – because of the way driving is done. Everyone for themselves when it is time to go.

At the house, Olivia Thomas and Deyanira Rodriguez are really beating everyone else at a Domino game. It is time for me to relax and reflect on my days since arriving here on Sunday night.

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