Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 12, 2011

Buenos Dia Hermano. Como durmiste? Que pasa. Good morning brother. How did you sleep? What is happening? I am ready. Time for departure to Nagua is in about 1 hour. We have several meetings in Nagua and also visit the orphanage in the Colegio Alfa complex. We have worked at this complex for several years doing medical work as well as repairing and building playground for the kids in this orphanage. We have painted the whole complex and cut grass to keep the place livable and safe for the kids.

The new highway to Nagua and Samana is quick and cut down your travel time by half from the old way we used to travel several years back. The 3 tolls you have to pay are ok, granted you are getting to your destination faster. Don Francisco rest and eatery place was a saving grace. We all were hungry and needed and bathroom break. A couple of pieces of pork chop, fried plantains, sweet potatoes, yuka and a coke made it possible to carry on our journey. We arrived at the orphanage well. We dropped off the Thomas family who were there to play and visit with the kids. It was nostalgic and memorable to see these kids again.

Pastor Mario and I went on to several meetings to meet with the church planters and their mentors. Pastor Manuela and her husband Rey, Pastor Tomas De Jesus, etc… to catch up, discuss marriage conference, discipleship, medical missions and others. At the end, the meetings were fruitful.

We stopped at a local supermarket/ grocery store to buy supplies for the orphanage. It is getting to be time for us to go back to Sto Dgo. The weather is again threatening with rain. Rain has been a constant here. This is the reversal of season. It is Summer time and it is raining so much and daily in this country.

Back in Sto Dgo, La Sirena supermarket is always a good place where you can find anything. We purchased what was necessary and headed on home.
Welcome back!!

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