Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 16, 2011

It is Saturday. I get to read more, relax, do some exercise, and then have a big glass of a Freshly prepared juice by Pastor Mario’s wife. She is so wonderful!!! This is a season for Mangoes, bananas, pineapples and more fresh fruits that are sweetened from their branches, not in boxes. Ha Ha!!

My work out went well. No fans and/or air in the gymnasium. Workout the old fashioned way. Sweat and all. I see many Dominican locals working out, young men and women, doing exercises. It is good. A walk back to P. Mario’s house is relaxing, my time to enjoy nature. Dogs barking, chickens running around, people already going out for whatever they need to town. I am seeing day workers coming around looking for employment. Great!

Take time JP to relax. I am reading a book and finishing up on a few things. I get this big glass of freshly squeezed juice. Whoa. Neighbors and guests come in and out looking for the pastor.
JP quieres ir conmigo? No hermano. Me voy a quedar aqui a la casa. So the pastor leaves me behing.

At 2pm, I am leaving with the Thomas family to go to the National Zoological Park. We got to see Panthers, Crocos, Rhineceros, Zebras, a variety of parrots called Lori somethings, Lions, Hyenas, etc…. It is nice for all of us riding a choo choo train going around this rain forest looking zoo that was built by Dominican Engineers back in 1975. After that, a trip to Mega Centro Mall on Careterra Mella is sufficient. A fun time looking for some Cubaveras and Chacabanas for JT and J. Alex.

I am picked up for a meeting that was magnificent. We talked about lots of things to do with ministry and how BGA ministries would like to do more in Dominican Republic. Stay tuned as God leads us in this direction to fulfill the vision I have.

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