Tuesday, July 12, 2011

May 2011

FH sent a group of several of its volunteer short term missionaries to go to Djemane outside of the city of Thies in Senegal for a construction trip, care and relationship building with one of the adopted villages.  All of this is done in collaboration with MIS (Mission Inter Senegal) led by Jose and FranceLise Olivieri. MIS is another partner we work with to further God’s Kingdom and reach the Least and Lost. The
adopt a village program is centered in the SouthEastern part of Senegal with the Serreer people group.

MIS has a hospital called Barthemee Hospital where certified health care providers can go to give of their time and serve those in need. They are in need of specials in all areas of medicine to collaborate with them.

Beacon of Hope is another location where young people from college come to work to teach ESL to the Senegalese. There are many more things to do there…Please go to our Website, find the link to and read about Mission Inter Senegal.

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