Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 11, 2011

Buenos Dia JP! Como durmiste? Bien, I said. That was the Pastor asking me as I came out of my room after taking my shower and getting myself together. Bueno, sientate. Sit down. He was watching TV. Que esta pasando? I asked him. Hay una Huelga anivel national. There is a strike on a national level.

Basically, the whole country is sitting still. There is a strike. Nobody is moving from their homes for fear of getting caught in the streets where people may be burning tires and blocking roads. They are striking because the cost of living is going up and up and salaries remain the same.

Well, we had plans to go run errands and do things. So this day, I am obviously staying home. He is staying home. No taxi is running. Nobody is moving. Be home and that is what we are going to do today. Read, watch some news to keep up with this strike, sit outside on the patio to play Dominos, be creative and enjoy your free time.

I had to write some letters to give to some local leaders. I went to see a member of the church that had a printer. While printing my letter, it broke down. I then stayed at these church members home and began to play Dominos with them. Before I knew it I was 9:45 pm and it began to rain. It just is a walk up the street from Pastor Mario’s house. They had to bring me back so I would not get wet. I played a lot of Dominos games (4 people). We won some and lost some. That is ok.

Tomorrow is a new day. Check to see if there is carry over of the strike before getting on the road. We are planning a trip to Nagua.
Has anything been resolved? What is the outcome of the strike? No one talks. Move on..

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