Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 8, 2011

Well, 5 days ago since I arrived, things are well. It keeps raining every day and cooling the weather down.  Today we are on our way to meet with Campana and Associates lawyers to see about John Alex. Things went well, the meeting was pleasant.

We need to go to a photo studio  to get a couple of passport pictures for J. Alex. It is about time to give the taste buds what they need. Time to chow down.  JT  and the kids love Barran Payan. It is a famous local sandwiches and natural juices place that has an incredible ambiance for those visiting for the first time and/or returning customers.  I love it too.

By the time we got back to Pastor Mario’s house, it was later in the day. I just needed to close my eyes. The trip is going well. I am getting everything that need to be done – done. It is hot right now, but it looks like it will rain very shortly.
Truly enough, rain has come. It is evening and the heat is cooling down. I am reflective about the ministry and how much impact we are making here. I am meeting a lot of local people (church members, friends of the pastor, others in the community). It is good to network with people and be relational. Does that contribute to BGA doing what we need to do well? Everything becomes the sum of bits and pieces.

The night is young . Lights have finally come on. So I can actually read something.  Please continue to pray for us that Doors and/or opportunities will open for us to share the gospel. It is happening. If you know Pastor Mario, he has NO problem  approaching anyone, talking to anybody or otherwise. It is contagious.

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