Tuesday, July 12, 2011

March 2011

A BGA medical mission trip followed the success of the Puerto Plata trip, working with the same partners. We were called to work in the community of La Victoria, in North Santo Domingo. It is quite poor. Many people in needs not only physically but emotionally and spiritually.

People came there from all over the communities in nearby north Santo Domingo.
A combined 9200 people were treated this week for parasites, pain, dental issues, eye problems, cold, cough, high blood pressure, etc…

Many physical needs were taken care of. It felt like a drop in the bucket. It is not about the bucket being full but rather positioning the local church to have the most impact in the community after the missionaries have left.  We trust in God in His Sovereignty and the care that He brings to these brothers and sisters. While many people are in line waiting to be treated, the pastors are mingling with them, sharing the gospel, praying for immediate needs and asking people to come to the local church. If not, they are given the name of the local pastor and church from the communities where they come from. Some give their lives to Christ right there.  Some ask to be prayed for. That pretty much sums up the intent behind why we are here. To give and share the love of Christ, unconditionally. Lives are won for the glory of God, one by one , with our hands we change the world.

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