Tuesday, July 12, 2011

January 2011

Early this year, we at By Grace Alone Ministries were excited and happy to enter in a collaborative partnership with FH Church. BGA Ministries has agreed to manage all of Forest Hill Church’s global outreach mission trips around the world. BGA Ministries is a ministry organization that focuses on doing mission trips well.  BGA handles everything from logistics to training trip participants; to partners communication before, during and after mission trips.  How do we get team participants to have a better understanding of cultural nuances and have a better trip experience even after they come back home and help them manage the energy and experience from their trips into something fruitful?

What is the timeline for the trip as we plan and prepare to go? Are we going to really collaborate with the partner or is this something we are putting on the partner because we want to do it? How did we get to know and choose this partner? Did we vet him or her? Is this a friend of a friend? Did we just randomly pick a country to go to because it sounds good and something to do? Is the project viable for both parties? Does it make sense and fit with the church and/or ministry’s objectives and goal? Is everyone on board? How about the trip leader – how did he/she get picked to lead the trip? Is he/she prepared to do this? Does he/she have the love and compassion in his/her heart for the poor, the ministry? Can he/she go the long haul versus something to do right now and drop out?  Are we going to build a community of participants/ stakeholders that can pray, reflect, and look at the vision for the project, ministry in the chosen country? Where do we go from here?

These are some of the questions and things BGA would like to help with.

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