Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 3, 2011

I am traveling, flying to Dominican Republic for strategic planning and reconnect with our partners there. STAY TUNNED….

I left Charlotte, NC at 1:45pm with a 2 hours transit in Miami. Miami to Santo Domingo took about 2 h15 min.  The plane left on time as scheduled and arrived in  Santo Domingo at 8:30 pm on a clear, warm with a cool breezy evening at the Aeropuerto Internacional Las Americas.  That was unusual!!!

After clearing the immigration and the customs, taxi drivers were outside trying to get me to pay for a ride. Pastor Mario was already there to welcome and pick me up for a ride  to Villa Mella.  Both legs of the trips were nice. Charlotte-Miami Miami-Santo Domingo. No turbulence. We flew at 37,000 feet and avoided much of it.
WOW. Nice landing by the pilots. That was very smooth. I expected the bump as wheels touched the ground.

A 45 minutes ride to North Santo Domingo provided a time to relax and look at the night lights. Dinner was ready. Got to see our friends JT and Angie Thomas and their 3 kids and shared briefly.

Fatigue is setting in. It is 11:45 pm and time to go to sleep. So good to see all of our friends again. Praise GOD for this beautiful time to travel and for your provisions. 

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