Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 18, 2011

I am quickly awake and ready to go to the gymnasium just to do something. Wake up!! After the work out, I am back at the house for a good conversation of memories and reflection with the Pastor’s wife. The Pastor comes back from where he went and chimed in. It was good. Just a light morning. We looked at avocados. They have a beautiful tree that puts out real big avocados. Delicious. They will be ready by September. Watch out!!!

I am quickly in the shower and ready for the day. I have an appointment with the Thomases to go to the Market and Barra Payan. These are two important places that anyone coming to Santo Domingo needs to go to. The market place is where you buy all of your souvenir. It is of course a tourist trap, but you understand how to negotiate. Barra Payan is a sandwich and juice place that should be on the national registry for this country. All natural. See how many local people come here on a daily basis. It is amazing and fun to watch. It is good to be a part of this ambiance and find yourself in the middle of it. JT got himself a Barra Payan hat. Mine is to come later. Free publicity.

It is time to leave. It is 7:00pm. Time to head home. I am so full. Can’t eat anymore! I know the Pastor’s wife will have food at home. I will just have to politely decline. Really!!! Yes it is true. She definitely has food ready. She keeps asking for me to eat but I can’t. Just being a great host.

Well, I have to pack, get some sleep and be ready for tomorrow’s ride to the airport to catch my early morning flight out of the country. Have I been able to do all that I needed to do on my trip here? Yes, I believe so.

I love Dominican Republic. Let God use me to be His servant and touch the lives of many around the world.

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