Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 15, 2011

Buenos dia Pastor. Buenos dia mi hermano.  Todo bien? Si. Creo que si. Gracias a Dios. Here is a morning welcome and salute. I am ready to do a few things to get myself ready.

Go to see JT and family to see how they are doing. See you in a couple of hours, I told them. Pastor and I have to go to La Victoria and run a few errands.

Travel to La Victoria took about a half hour. We deliver what we are taking to them for next year medical missions. Everyone is happy. We have to stop at the money exchange office to get some $$ into pesos.

Back to the house. We are taking a friend, member of the church to the airport so she can travel to Puerto Rico with her 2 kids. Busy!! The Pastor stays on the go all the time. After finding out that I will not be going home to the USA today, I am back at Pastor’s house to relax and plan for the rest of activities.

It is raining again. WOW, I feel like I am in an equatorial climate or in Seatlle Washington where it rains every day. Ironically, this is good. Since it is hot right now, this rain cools things down. It is a blessing. The Pastor and I have commented on this several times. His wife has traveled to Santiago to a Women’s conference for the weekend. So it is JP, Pastor Mario and the kids.

I am thinking about BGA Ministries, travel conditions in other countries and how to best keep our partners and those traveling informed about all of the processes that are involved in Cultural Understanding and traveling abroad.  My own communication with the Pastor and those around him who I come in contact with. Definitely, knowing the language helps tremendously. I see diplomacy in action without actually officially practicing it in a political sense. Even things I see on local TV, I have to make sure my comments do not offend my host since this is their country, whether I like what I see or not. How do I let them know that I am happy, unhappy, shocked, etc… all the feelings that you get at any given moment. Diplomacy is a good way to say it, because at the end – we have to stay focused on our objectives, on target, being graceful and loving for the glory of God.

John Alex Thomas is very playful and got me to do some exercises. We walked the neighborhood for about 6 laps.  He is very energetic.

Time to rest, relax and call my wife home to let her know I will not be home today!!! 

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