Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 10, 2011

I am up at 4:30 am so I can shave, shower,  and get ready for the busy that will be coming to pick us up at 6:00 am to go to Puerto Plata. From North Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata, it is a 4 hours trip. 30 people sit in this nice 35 passengers Toyota Coaster mini bus. I elect to sit all the way in the back, in the corner, so that I can either sleep or read a couple of books I am taking for the ride. Besides fellowshipping with these friends, brothers and sisters, there will be some down time I will have to myself.

Froylan Perez, one of the nicest and kind man in Pastor Mario’s church leads the devotion while the bus is moving, prays for us and then leads about 7 songs that everyone chimed in in Spanish. I recognize the tunes, but not all the words.

I see young men and women who are now grown, some of whom I saw as babies and kids when I began coming to Dominican Republic. Wow, time flies when you are on a good team, Jesus’ team.

We made good time, arriving in Puerto Plata just as the church was starting at 10:30 am. The hymns, special music, the singing by everyone, the preaching by the Superintendent of the churches reading from Exodus 14:13-14 whose theme was “Porque Claman a mi, dile a mi pueblo que marchant”. He charged, urged the pastors to carry on, the parishioners to make their church a place where new believers can find their places and voices so that the gospel can spread. Many invited guests (pastors) were there. They prayers, gave their benedictions. Pastor Mario and I represent the “Church Planting Movement “ began by Forest Hill Church here in Dominican Republic several years, of which Pastor Mario continues to be our partner and Dominican Coordinator alongside the Evangelical Free Methodist Denomination. I played his American counterpart for Forest Hill Church. Where do we go from here?? We both spoke and gave thanks for the invitation.

Lunch for everyone is at the church. Every body ate well. People began to disperse to go back to their homes and other places. I saw many friends from my times and visits to Puerto Plata.

It is time to go back to Santo Domingo. We load up the bus, and everyone pretty much goes back to their original sitting places. Some lively conversations are taking places here between the 16, 17, 18 to 35 to 40 and 50 year olders. For the young people, they are about future with spouses, dating, and school work. Some parents who are on the bus, could not do or say anything, but listen. I listened. I chimed in bit when my opinion was asked. Well. It is interesting!!! We make it back to Santo Domingo at 7:30 pm, tired, hungry, sleepy and all. The bus takes everyone else to their original pick up stations. Great day for God’s Kingdom and a temple that was dedicated for Him where many poor kids and families will come to fellowship with and know the Lord.  Buenas Noches!!!

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