Tuesday, July 12, 2011

March 2011 - Haiti Trip

We went on a pastoral trip to Haiti, right outside of Port au Prince to look at possibilities of a partnership between Mission of Hope ministries based in Haiti and Forest Hill and BGA ministries. BGA is represented for its role of relationship building between partner indigene ministries and their North American counterparts.

A team from FH Ballantyne and FH South Park was on hand. They worked at homes that are being built for people that were displaced by the January 2010 Earthquake in Haiti. MOH has a school that has over 2000 students pre k to 12th grade, a hospital on location where certified medical practitioners can go to work at, an orphanage for those who care for children left orphans or abandoned, a kitchen staff that is volunteers led. People are coming there as far as Canada to work. There are a couple of projects going on in Cabaret and. Please go to our website and find the link to Mission of Hope to read about what they do in Haiti. 

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