Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 17, 2011

The Pastor is always up before everyone. A time for personal prayer, watch an Enlace ministry program on TV, then some sports news. I am getting up quickly and ready to get going.

Buenos dia Hermano? Bueno dia. In Dominican Republic. (S) at end of words is sometimes silent., depending on who you are talking with. I have to get ready so we can go to church. Today is John Alex Thomas’ dedication at the church in El Eden.
The service was great. Personal testimony from JT about their new son. Testimony from Olivia and Bailey about their brother. Pastor Mario shared about the family, then went into the whole process of dedication. Everyone in the church is great. We reconnect with many friends as we are moving through the church. I see Drs Victor Alcantara and Rosmery Rodriguez. I see some old friends. It is good!!

I drive everyone home and then come back to pick up Pastor Mario who was counseling a young man from church on his life.  

We received a personal invitation to a complex an 1 hour away from Santo Domingo. To retreat from the huzzle and buzzle of the city, to swim, eat, play and enjoy ourselves. I am driving the car with the Thomas in it. Pastor and his family are in another car. The scenic view is breath taking. The complex itself is amazing. We are taking some souvenir pictures. Our host is kind and well-known. I enjoyed playing pool table and lost a few games.

After several hours, we are driving back to Sto Dgo so that I can go to another meeting this evening with several doctors who collaborate with us on medical missions. My work is not finished. I have to network and get to know people and meet new ones. This is part of sharing your needs and hopes with others so they know you want them and that you can count on them as well.

It is 1130pm and we are going back home to rest and reflect upon all that just happened this whole day.

God is good. I made good contacts with people. Let the future take its course.

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