Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 9, 2011

It is early in the morning. I am fascinated by Pastor Mario’s morning routine. He gets up, feeds all of his chicken. He has a mini farm going on here. He knows what and how they all look like. He knows when his chickens are laying eggs and goes all around the bushes around his house picking up these eggs. His chickens know when it is time to feed and they will come running once he sits outside in a green plastic arm chair around the back of the house… Imagine being in South Charlotte in a neighborhood and having 150 chickens running around and no one saying anything!!! He has a little farm going on here. It is similar to going to Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and seeing goats, lambs, chickens, ducks and others roaming around. This is what makes our partnerships unique and authentic. Being that they are in their own localities and adhering to their own set of values. We accept them as they are and where they are. We can NOT change their ways just as they can NOT change our ways. We accept each other as followers of Jesus Christ out to touch one person at a time and changing the world. Together united in mission. It is beautiful. It brings reality to me and what I get to see, reflect upon and think about community, society and they way of life by people in other parts of the world different than mine. I love it.

People are friendly. They greet and wave at you. They stop by to shake your hand and wonder why they have not see you for some time.

It is raining again. This day has been wonderful, peaceful and reflective for me. I am thinking about tomorrow and the road trip to Puerto Plata where I will be part of a delegation of 30 people going to support the church of the Tabernacle of Adoration led by Pastor Tomas Cabrera.

A game of dominos at night makes everyone competitive, excited and cool down from the stress of the day. Dominos along with Baseball are two of Dominican Republic pastime activities.  

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